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dream chasers

okay so I haven’t wrote a post like this but I just need to get a few things off my chest…so here it goes

earlier today my mum asked me what I wanted to do after I leave school. I told her I didn’t know yet because I have told her before. She thought it was stupid and a waste of time…but it is my dream.

so my dream is basically to be a dancer, to inspire people and make a difference on society. I want to show people that if you don’t do so well in school that it’s okay. Todays idea of success is to get good grades, graduate school, go to university and get a degree. And for what? to make enough money to get buy, pay the bills but not be happy?…

I don’t like that idea

adults, teachers, parents, grandparents or anybody else who tells you “that wont make you successful, that’s not a real career, that’s stupid, you’ll stay in school and get a degree…because that’s what I want you to do”. well they have to realise that society has changed. it’s not like it is when they were 16-18.

It makes us sad when you don’t support us with OUR dreams hat can change OUR lives and society’s way of mind. there are people making simple videos on the internet inspiring people, changing their lives and having more of an impact on others and themselves by doing what they love rather than getting a job that they hate to ‘just get by’

so my message to you all is to chase your fucking dreams if people like it or not. it’s YOU life not your parents, teachers or anybody else’s.

do what you want to do

you’re amazing no matter what anybody else says

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